Pay Tolls & Violations

When a vehicle passes through a tolled facility without paying the fee required, FasTrak will issue a toll evasion violation to the vehicle’s registered owner. On the Golden Gate Bridge, vehicles without FasTrak or a prepaid toll account will be sent a toll invoice. FasTrak provides travelers multiple methods to pay or resolve toll violations and invoices.

Golden Gate Bridge Toll Invoice

When a toll is not collected as a vehicle passes through the Golden Gate Bridge toll plaza, an invoice is issued for the toll amount only. You must pay this invoice within 21 days by credit card or with a check or cash at a payment kiosk.

Pay an Invoice for a Golden Gate Bridge Toll


If you do not pay a Golden Gate Bridge toll invoice on time, or you do not pay a toll at another Bay Area bridge or express lane, FasTrak will issue you a violation notice, including any associated penalty fees. If you believe you’ve received a violation notice in error, you can dispute the violation by clicking the button below and providing the required information to review your claim. You will need your violation number to submit your claim.

Pay or Resolve a Violation

First-time Violations

If the violation you received is your first, FasTrak will waive the violation penalty if you open a FasTrak account within 30 days of the unpaid toll crossing. FasTrak will then deduct the unpaid toll from your new account and waive the penalty portion of the amount due.

You can start the web sign-up process when you receive the violation and backdate the license plate start date by as much as 30 days to ensure the transaction clears to your account.

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